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Taking frontend development off your plate

A Frontend Subscription That Includes:

  • Unlimited tasks, delivering one task at a time
  • Async first, you don't like meetings, I don't like them either
  • Communicating every other day on your preferred communication channel
  • $2,500/month, pause or cancel anytime ⚡
  • Delivering Immediately

    Less Hassle

    Leave the frontend work to me. You focus on your business while I handle the technical intricacies of frontend development.

  • Fixed Subscription Rate

    Fixed Subscription Rate

    A monthly subscription with no surprises. You can request as many tasks as you like, and I'll deliver them one by one.

  • High Quality Code

    High Quality

    Seamless access to top-tier frontend solutions with a focus on efficiency and unwavering commitment to high-quality code.

Why Me?

  • I have been writing frontend code for 10 years. I have started as a freelance and worked with multiple technologies over the years, then in small startups all the way up to enterprise companies. I have worked in many environments and I have created tens of frontend solutions.
  • I'm a product-minded engineer. What does that mean for you? It means I don't just write code; I build solutions with your business in mind. I dive deep into understanding your needs and goals, crafting software that adds real value, not just lines of code.
  • I'm fast and productive, because I have been specializing in frontend for multiple years so far, I'm efficient and proactive doing frontend work. I like to deliver frequently and quickly and I appreciate the fast feedback loop.
  • I'm good at managing myself and spotting where/how to add value. In addition to my work in different companies, I ran my own software studio a few years ago. I don't wait to be told how to add value. I have developed an intuition to value and how to focus on the important stuff.

Some Technologies I'm an Expert in:

React, Vue.js, Angular, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, Automated Testing

Who Am I?


My name is Hossam Mourad, I'm the founder of FrontendEase, and I run it only by myself. Based in Ottawa, ON, Canada. You will be directly working with me.

My Experience:

Recent Work:

Recent Code Samples:

Due to the nature of my work with companies, I can't share their work as my personal property, but I have created some code samples so you can get a brief idea of my skills:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why wouldn't you just hire a full-time frontend engineer?

Great question! To begin, Not every company needs a full-time in-house experienced frontend engineer. For those companies, it's much cheaper to use FrontendEase than hiring. It currently demands a salary exceeding $150,000 annually, along with benefits, and it's quite a challenge to find a good one available. Additionally, there might be periods where you don't have sufficient tasks to keep them consistently occupied, leaving you to foot the bill for idle time.

With the monthly subscription option that FrontendEase offers, you have the flexibility to pause and resume as needed, ensuring you're only paying for the work delivered.

What should you expect after you subscribe?

After you subscribe, you will shortly receive an email from me to onboard you to start working on your tasks as soon as possible.

How can you manage your subscription?

When you subscribe, you will have access to a subscription management portal powered by Stripe where you will be able to update your billing information and cancel your subscription if you want to.

Is this full-time or part-time engagement?

Neither. This is not an engagement based on numbers of working hours. This engagement is based on the tasks you're going to request. I deliver tasks one by one as soon as I can. I suggest to use your judgement to determine if the monthly subscription is adding value to your business based on the tasks delivered.

How does the subscription pause work?

We recognize that you might not have a consistent flow of frontend tasks to occupy an entire month. Maybe you only have one or two frontend tasks currently. That's where the option to pause your subscription proves beneficial.

Our billing cycles operate on a 31-day period. Suppose you sign up and utilize the service for 14 days, then opt to pause your subscription. In this scenario, the billing cycle will be halted, leaving you with 17 unused days of service, ready to be utilized at any point in the future.

How to request tasks?

I'm flexible about how you can request tasks. I maintain a board of tasks for each client and I'll share that board with you when you onboard. You can request tasks in any way you're comfortable with and I'll keep the board up-to-date to track progress. It'd be easier to collaborate with you on the board and use it to record requests.

What about refunds?

Because we have the pause subscription feature in FrontendEase, we don't support refunds.